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Thailand current weather reports — Thailand weather forecast

our Thailand current weather reports — Thailand weather forecast content

Thailand weather reports (alphabetical list)

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list of weather reports Thailand
Bangkok weather

Current Bangkok weather conditions.

Chiang Mai weather

Current Chiang Mai weather conditions.

Chiang Rai weather

Current Chiang Rai weather conditions.

Kalasin weather

Current Kalasin weather conditions.

Kanchanaburi weather

Current Kanchanaburi weather conditions.

Khon Kaen weather

Current Khon Kaen weather conditions.

Loei weather

Current Loei weather conditions.

Lop Buri weather

Current Lop Buri weather conditions.

Mukdahan weather

Current Mukdahan weather conditions.

Nakhon Ratchasima weather

Current Nakhon Ratchasima weather conditions.

Nakhon Sawan weather

Current Nakhon Sawan weather conditions.

Pathum Thani weather

Current Pathum Thani weather conditions.

Pattani weather

Current Pattani weather conditions.

Songkhla weather

Current Songkhla weather conditions.

Trang weather

Current Trang weather conditions.

about Thailand


The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in southeast Asia, bordering Laos and Cambodia to the east, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the south, and the Andaman Sea and Myanmar to the west. Thailand is also known as Siam, which was the country's official name until May 11, 1949. The word Thai (ไทย) means "free" in the Thai language. It is also the name of the Thai people - leading some inhabitants, particularly the sizeable Chinese minority, still to use the name Siam.

Thailand geography

Thailand is home to several distinct geographic regions, partly corresponding to the provincial groups. The north of the country is mountainous, with the highest point being the Doi Inthanon at 2,576 m. The northeast consists of the Khorat Plateau, bordered to the east by the Mekong river. The centre of the country is dominated by the predominantly flat Chao Phraya river valley, which runs into the Gulf of Thailand. The south consists of the narrow Kra Isthmus that widens into the Malay Peninsula.

The local climate is tropical and characterised by monsoons. There is a rainy, warm, and cloudy southwest monsoon from mid-May to September, as well as a dry, cool northeast monsoon from November to mid-March. The southern isthmus is always hot and humid. Major cities beside the capital Bangkok include Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Sawan, Chiang Mai, and Songkhla.

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