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Honduras current weather reports — Honduras weather forecast

our Honduras current weather reports — Honduras weather forecast content

Honduras weather reports (alphabetical list)

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list of weather reports Honduras
Choluteca weather

Current Choluteca weather conditions.

Choluteca department weather

Current Choluteca department weather conditions.

Comayagua weather

Current Comayagua weather conditions.

Comayagua department weather

Current Comayagua department weather conditions.

Copan weather

Current Copan weather conditions.

Copan department weather

Current Copan department weather conditions.

El Paraiso department weather

Current El Paraiso department weather conditions.

Gracias a Dios department weather

Current Gracias a Dios department weather conditions.

Intibuca department weather

Current Intibuca department weather conditions.

La Ceiba weather

Current La Ceiba weather conditions.

La Paz department weather

Current La Paz department weather conditions.

Ocotepeque department weather

Current Ocotepeque department weather conditions.

Olancho department weather

Current Olancho department weather conditions.

Puerto Cortes weather

Current Puerto Cortes weather conditions.

Roatan weather

Current Roatan weather conditions.

about Honduras


Honduras is a nation of northern Central America, bordered to the west by Guatemala and El Salvador, to the south by Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras and the Caribbean Sea. The nation of Belize (formerly "British Honduras") is some 75 km away across the Bay of Honduras at the two nation's closest points.

Honduras geography

Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean. The climate varies from subtropical in lowlands to temperate in mountains.

Honduran terrain consists mainly of mountains, but there are narrow plains along the coasts.

Natural resources include timber, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, antimony, coal, fish, and hydropower.

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