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Hungary travel insurance — cheap travel insurance for Hungary

our Hungary travel insurance — cheap travel insurance for Hungary content

Hungary travel insurance destinations (alphabetical list)

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list of cheap travel insurance Hungary
Balassagyarmat travel insurance

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Bekescsaba travel insurance

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Budapest 1 727 300 travel insurance

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Debrecen 205 100 travel insurance

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Dunaujvaros 53 200 travel insurance

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Eger travel insurance

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God travel insurance

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Gyula travel insurance

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Heves travel insurance

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Kaposvar travel insurance

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Kecskemet 106 500 travel insurance

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Miskolc 181 100 travel insurance

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Nyiregyhaza 116 200 travel insurance

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Pecs travel insurance

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Sopron 55 300 travel insurance

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about Hungary


The Republic of Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. It is known locally as the Country of the Magyars or Magyarország.

Hungary geography

Hungary's landscape consists mostly of the flat to rolling plains of the Carpathian Basin, with hills and lower mountains to the north along the Slovakian border (highest point: the Kékes at 1,014 m). Hungary is divided in two by its main waterway, the Danube (Duna); other large rivers include the Theiss (Tisza) and Dráva, while the western half contains Lake Balaton, a major body of water. The largest thermal lake in the world, Lake Hévíz (Hévíz Spa) is located in Hungary. And the second largest lake in the Carpathian Basin (and probably the largest artificial lake in Europe) is Tisza-tó (Lake Theiss).

The local climate is temperate, with cold, cloudy, humid winters and warm summers, and the relative isolation of the Carpathian Basin makes it susceptible to droughts. Average annual temperature is 9.7 °C.

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