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about Zlotow

Złotów is a town in northern Wielkopolska in Poland with 18,800 inhabitants (1999). It is today in Wielkopolska Province, but was previously in Pila Voivodship (1975-1998). Since 1999 Złotów it has been the county town of Zlotow County.

The town is located on the river Głomia and is surrounded by five lakes. A railway line connects it to Pila and Chojnice, with buses operating locally. It has three parish churches, one of them being located in an old Lutheran church built in 1831.

Zlotow history

Złotów is the historical centre of the northern part of Krajna. Human activity in the region goes as far back as 8th century BC. It was first mentioned in 1370 in the chronicle of Janko of Czarnkow. Originally known as Wielatowo or Słotowo, it was destroyed in 1455 during the war with the Teutonic Knights. The town belonged to the Potulicki family, which provided it with a new castle in the beginning of 17th century. Later it passed on to the Grudziński family. The castle was destroyed during the Swedish invasion in 1656.

A new church, still standing today, was founded there in 1664 by Andrzej Karol Grudziński. After the first partition of Poland in 1772 Złotów was incorporated into Prussia and was given county (kreis) town status in 1818. From 1772 to 1945 as part of Prussia (later Germany) it was known as Flatow. In 1871 a railway line from Pila was completed. In this time many people came out to America. The county was partially awarded to Poland after World War I. The local synagogue was destroyed during the Kristallnacht in 1938. The town was taken by Soviet forces on January 31, 1945.

Some famous people born here: Michal Hube, a well known penal expert from 18th century; and Walter Krueger (1881-1967), a United States army general.

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This city is also known as: Złotˇw.

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