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about Zadar

Zadar (Italian Zara) is a city in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, with a population of 72 718 (2001). It is the center of the Zadar county and wider northern Dalmatian region. Zadar is geographically located at 44:26N Latitude, 15:03E Longitude.

Zadar history

In the 9th century BC Zadar was settled by the Liburnians, a tribe of Illyrians. After 59 BC Zadar became a Roman municipium, and in 48 BC a colony of Roman citizens. It maintained its autonomy throughout the Middle Ages. Upon the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the destruction of Salona in the early 7th century, Zadar became the capital of the Byzantine province of Dalmatia, as well as the governor's headquarters.

In the early 9th century it came under the Franks, while it was given back to Byzantium in 812, under the Peace Treaty of Aachen. In the 10th, and especially in the 11th century, although it survived the migration of Slavs, the rulers of the town were the Croats. From 1105, when it recognized the rule of the first Hungarian-Croatian king Coloman, Zadar began to be involved in frequent wars with Venice.

Zadar was taken by the Venetians and the knights of the Fourth Crusade in 1202. The Crusaders had promised the Venetians a certain amount of money to pay for ships for transport to Egypt, and when they could not pay the Venetians diverted the Crusade to Zadar. King Emeric of Hungary had declared that he would join the Crusade, and there was a controversy among the knights and clergy over whether or not a supposedly divine army could attack a fellow Christian. Nevertheless, Zadar was destroyed and taken, and Pope Innocent III excommunicated everyone involved.

After several insurrections, Zadar came under the rule of the Hungarian-Croatian king Luis I (under the Zadar Peace Treaty in 1358). After the death of Luis, Zadar recognized the rule of king Sigismund, and after him, that of Ladislas of Naples, who, in 1409 sold Zadar and "his rights" on Dalmatia to Venice.

From this time on, Zadar started to decline, because the Venetians considerably limited the town's political and economic autonomy. When in the early 16th century the Ottoman Turks conquered the Zadar hinterland, the town became an important stronghold ensuring the Venetian trade in the Adriatic, as well as the administrative centre of the Venetian possessions in Dalmatia and a cultural centre.

After the fall of Venice (1797) with the Treaty of Campo Formio, Zadar came under the Austrian rule under which it remained until 1918, except for the period of the French rule (1805-1813), all this time remaining the capital of Dalmatia.

During the French rule, the first newspaper in the Croatian language, 'Kraljski Dalmatin', was being published in Zadar (1806-1810). In the second half of the 19th century Zadar was a centre of the movement for the cultural and national revival in Dalmatia. Under the Treaty of Rapallo, 1920, Zadar was ceded to Italy.

The Nazi Germany occupied it in World War II, as the city was once one of the best-fortified cities in the world. Zadar was bombed 72 times by the air forces of Britain and United States during the Second World War. Afterwards it was joined again with Croatia (at the time in Yugoslavia).

Since World War II the city has developed as a strong economic and tourist center. In 1991 the Serbian irregulars and the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) attacked Zadar and it found itself on the very edge of the occupied territory as the shelling target. Connections with capital Zagreb were cut for over a year, and the only link was via the island of Pag. Zadar was once again severely damaged in the war, including its historical bastions and churches. The siege of the city lasted until January 1993, when the hinterland of Zadar was liberated. Anyway, the attacks contiuned up to 1995, when the war in Croatia was finished.

- adapted from the "Miroslav Krleza" Lexicographic Institute.

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