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Welcome to Wyrzysk Travel Guide, extensive source of tourist information and travel services offer related to Wyrzysk and Poland. Book cheap hotels, cheap flights and get car rental. We also offer Wyrzysk travel guide books and maps and atlases. Please visit Poland travel guide for more travel and tourism iformation and attractions in the Poland.

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about Wyrzysk

Wyrzysk (German name Wirsitz) is a town in Poland with 14,500 inhabitants, situated in Greater Poland Voivodship.

Wyrzysk history

In the Middle Ages the Noteć became a natural border between the regions of Greater Poland and Pomerania, which long resisted the expansion of the Polish Piast dynasty, German margraves, and since the 13th century also the Teutonic Knights. With time, people adopted the name Krajna for the area to the north of the Noteć. The Polish prince Bolesław the Wrymouth (1106-1138) conquered the castles on the Noteć and incorporated Krajna into his state. Over the following centuries, Krajna was connected with Greater Poland.

The first preserved mention of Wyrzysk dates back to 1326; the name of the place was then recorded in the so-called Greater Poland Codex. Wyrzysk was probably granted the royal charter before 1450; in 1565 it became a town under the so-called Magdeburg law. As a result of series of wars in the second half of 17th century and beginning of 18th Wyrzysk became in fact a village. Wyrzysk was annexed by Prussia in 1772 following the first Partition of Poland. The city rights were renewed in 1773 by the Prussian King Frederick the Great who made the town a centre administering the construction of the Bydgoszcz Canal and the regulation of the Noteć. From 1807 to 1815 the town was a part of Napoleon's Duchy of Warsaw and subsequently it was given back to Prussia as a result of Congress of Vienna. It remained Prussian until the end of First World War.

In 1772, after the first partition of Poland, Krajna was incorporated into the Kingdom of Prussia. The Prussian ruler and his successors aimed at fast Germanisation of the captured land. The methods which served this purpose included the introduction of Prussian administration and education, encouraging and supporting Prussian settlement and purchase of estates from the Polish gentry. Thus Wyrzysk was sold by Karol Rydzyński to King Frederick II himself as early as 1773. In 1807-1815 the Wyrzysk area belonged to the Duchy of Warsaw and in 1815 it was recaptured by the Prussians. In 1818 Wyrzysk became the seat of a county in the Grand Duchy of Poznań.

The period of Prussian rule accelerated the economic development and progress, especially in agriculture, in which the Prussians abolished the law of corvée at the beginning of the 19th century. The conflict arose especially during the Kulturkampf period. However, the pressure of Germanisation encountered the growing resistance of the Polish population of Krajna, which stuck doggedly to its native language and the Roman Catholic religion. This found expression in establishing Polish associations, choirs, sports clubs, banks and self-help organizations.

Wyrzysk was given to new re-born Poland by Treaty of Versailles, although 53 percent of its population were Germans at that time. Most of them preferred to move to Germany as so called optants. From 1939 to 1945 the city was occupied by Germany and was put into the new created province of Danzig-West Prussia. Wyrzysk has been recovered by Poland in 1945.

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