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Wiener Neustadt travel guide — Wiener Neustadt tourism and travel information

Welcome to Wiener Neustadt Travel Guide, extensive source of tourist information and travel services offer related to Wiener Neustadt and Austria. Book cheap hotels, cheap flights and get car rental. We also offer Wiener Neustadt travel guide books and maps and atlases. Please visit Austria travel guide for more travel and tourism iformation and attractions in the Austria.

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Wiener Neustadt travel guide

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about Wiener Neustadt

Wiener Neustadt is located south of Vienna in the state of Lower Austria. It is a self-governed city and the seat of the district administration of Wiener Neustadt-Land. Wiener Neustadt city is also the "secret" capital of Burgenland.

Wiener Neustadt sights

The city has a theatre and 9 museums, the museums are:

Wiener Neustadt history

The city was founded by the Babenberger duke Leopold V in 1192, who financed the construction of the city with the ransom paid for the English king Richard the Lion heart, who had previosuly been held as a hostage in Austria at Dürnstein. Wiener Neustadt, meaning more or less New Vienna, first served as a fortress to defend against nearby Hungary. Important privileges were given to the city in order to enable it to prosper. In the 15th century, Wiener Neustadt experienced population boom, when emperor Friedrick III took up his residence here and in Graz. The Wappenwand (coat of arms wall) at the local castle displays the coats of arms of his possessions in the middle. His son Maximilian I maintained his court in Wiener Neustadt and was buried there in the St. George's Cathedral.

The Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus conquered the city in August of 1487 after having laid siege to it for two years. He dedicated the Corvinus Cup to the inhabitants. Only in 1490, Maximilian I managed to reconquer his native city. During the 16. Century, Wiener Neustadt lost the status as imperial residence and much of its importance. However, it still fulfilled its function as bulwark against the Turks and the Kuruc. Only in 1751, it received greater attention when Maria Theresa decided to dedicate a cadet house inside the imperial castle. In 1752, the Theresian Military Academy took up its operations, which have since then continued with only a few interruptions until this day. In 1768, Wiener Neustadt was destroyed by an earthquake. The castle, which had suffered strongly, was rebuilt using plans made by the architect Niccolo Pacassi. In 1785, emperor Joseph II transferred the diocese of Wiener Neustadt to St. Pölten.

In 1909, an airfield north of the city was inaugurated. In 1911, Wiener Neustadt held the first Austrian flight week. The Wiener Neustadt airfield served as a training ground to the flight pioneers Igo Etrich, Karl Illner and Adolf Warchalowski, who conducted their tests there.

In 1946, in order to recunstruct the city following destruction by bombs in World War III, the city administration called upon the population to participate in the effort on a volunatary basis, as thousands of tons of debris had to be removed. In 1955, when Austria regained its full independence from allied control in the Austrian State Treaty, most of the repair work in the most heavily destroyed city of Austria had been completed

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