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Simi Valley travel guide

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about Simi Valley

Simi Valley is an incorporated city located in the extreme southeast corner of Ventura County, California, bordering the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 111,351.

The city is located 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles, 400 miles south of San Francisco,150 miles north of San Diego, and 350 miles south of Sacramento. Commutes to Los Angeles are easy via the 118 Freeway and the Southern California Metrolink Commuter Train, which makes several daily trips from Simi Valley. Total area: 39.2 square km.

Known primarily as the home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, it also holds title as "safest city in America" (among all cities with populations above 100,000) and gained brief notoriety as the location of the infamous Los Angeles Police Officers' (Rodney King Beating) Trials that sparked riots in Los Angeles on April 29, 1992.

Simi Valley geography

Simi Valley is located at 34°16'16" North, 118°44'22" West (34.271078, -118.739428).

Simi Valley is located 700 - 1,000 feet above sea level.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 102.1 km² (39.4 mi²). 101.5 km²; (39.2 mi²) of it is land and 0.6 km² (0.2 mi²) of it is water. The total area is 0.63% water.

Simi Valley history

Simi Valley was once inhabited by Chumash Indians. Along the coast they had an abundant supply of fish from the ocean. They ate seeds from sage, acorns from the oak trees, and small animals. They were very skilled in making wooden bowls. Some writers think that the name of Simi Valley came from the Chumash word "Shimiji", meaning little white clouds.

El Rancho Simi was the earliest Spanish colonial land grant within Ventura and Santa Babara Counties. It was one of the largest lands, but later when Mexico became independent from Spain, land was handed out much more freely.

First was the Colony, or town of Simi. For a brief time, its postal address was known as Simiopolis, though it was soon shortened again to Simi. The first public school was built in 1890 on the Northeast, however, it was torn down in 1926. There was also a great deal of destruction caused by the flood of 1952.

Southern California had a high fire risk (which broke out in several fires across the southland) in October 2003. It was unusually hot for the time of the year, as well as there were high winds, therefore many fires spread rapidly in a short time. The fire that burnt in the hills of Simi Valley destroyed several schools and one park, as well as endangered the Ronald Reagan Library.

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