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Seville travel guide

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about Seville

Seville (Spanish: Sevilla) is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain, crossed by the river Guadalquivir. It is the capital of Andalusia and of the province of Sevilla. The inhabitants of the city are known as Sevillanos. As of the 2003 census, the population of the city of Seville proper was 709,975, and the population of the entire urban urban area was estimated in 2003 to be 1,294,081, ranking as the fourth-largest urban area of Spain.

Seville sights

The city's great Cathedral was built from 1401 - 1519 after the Reconquista on the former site of the city's mosque. The interior is lavishly decorated, with a large quantity of gold evident. The Cathedral reused some columns and elements from the old mosque, and most famously the Giralda, originally a minaret, was converted into a bell tower. It is topped with a statue representing Faith. The Giralda is the city's most famous symbol.

The Alcazar is the city's old Moorish Palace; construction was begun in 1181. Additional construction continued for over 500 years.

The Parque Maria Luisa was built for the 1929 Exposición Ibero-Americana World's Fair, and now is landscaped with attractive monuments and museums.

Seville history

Seville was named Ishbiliya under the Moors and Hispalis under the Romans. Legend has it that it was founded by the equally legendary Greek hero, Hercules. Historians believe it was founded by the Tartessos in the 8th or 9th century BCE. Later it was occupied by the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians, who destroyed the city in 216 BCE. In 206 BCE, Scipio Africanus founded Italica nearby and began the reconstruction of Hispalis. The architecture of the older parts of the city still reflects the centuries of Moorish control of the city.

The city was long an important sea port, prior to the silting up of the Guadalquivir. It sits well inland, but a mere 6 meters above sea level. Much of the Spanish Empire's treasures from the New World came to Europe via Seville, and Seville still holds the most important archive of the Spanish administration in the Americas, the Archivo de Indias. The American riches made it an attractor for people around Spain, ranging from latifundia nobles and foreign merchants (brokered by Spanish cargadores) to an active crime scene, pictured in the picaresque genre.

It was the home of Expo 92 World's Fair. The showpiece bridge across the Guadalquivir was designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava was built for this occasion. Seville also hosted the European Summit in June 2002; this was met with a counter-summit by those opposing neoliberalism and the tightening of European regulations on immigration.

Seville is known for its hot summer weather, reaching even 51 degrees Celsius in the hottest days of the summer.

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