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Welcome to Poreč Travel Guide, extensive source of tourist information and travel services offer related to Porec and Croatia. Book cheap hotels, cheap flights and get car rental. We also offer Porec travel guide books and maps and atlases. Please visit Croatia travel guide for more travel and tourism iformation and attractions in the Croatia.

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about Porec

Poreč, (Parenzo, Parentium), (latitude 45.2258 N, longitude 13.5939 E, altitude 29 m), is almost 2 000 year old city and the harbor built the western shores of Istria peninsula, in Istarska zupanija, (Croatia), It is protected from the sea by small island of Sveti Nikola. The city population of around 7 600 is residing mostly in the outskirts, outside its historic core. With nearby municipalities included, there are 12 000 inhabitants, 18 000 within the Poreč county limits. City area covers 142 km², with the 37 km long shoreline streaching from Mirna river near Novigrad to Funtana and Vrsar on south. Real estate prices are wery high since the city's prime location. Between 12th and 19th century, city possesed the protective walls as better known Dubrovnik still does today.

Porec history

Locality is known since the prehistoric times. During the 2nd century BC Roman Castrum was built on tiny peninsula with dimensions just about 400m by 200 m where the very city core is situated. During the reign of the emperor Octavian in the 1st century, it officially became city and was part of the Roman colony Colonia Iulia Parentium. In the 3rd century place already had organized Christian community with early Christian complex of sacral buildings. Basilica was built here in 5th century where bishop Mauro, today's patron of the city already posesses his building.

With the fall of the Roman empire in 476, different rulers and powers governed. First, it was held by Ostrogoths and after 539 was part of the Byzantine Empire. With the end of 6th century, Croats arrived and built first permanent settlement around the year 620. Since 788 it was ruled by Franks. Short independence period followed in the 12th Century and after that it was ruled by the patriarchs of Aquileia. In 1267 it became part of Venicewhose rule lasted for more than five centuries. In late 18th century it was firstn administred by Napoleon Bonaparte and then became part of Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1797. Starting in 1861, Poreč was the capital of Istria, the seat to a Regional Parliament with schools, administrative and judiciary offices, other services. For a few decades, (1920 - 1943), it possesion of Italy and finally, after 10 September 1943 was united with what is today Croatia.

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This city is also known as: Poreč.

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