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about Nottingham

Nottingham is a city located in the East Midlands of England. Nottingham lies on the River Trent, which flows from Stoke-on-Trent to the Humber - the only English river to flow North. Nottingham's boundaries are tightly drawn and exclude the suburbs of Hucknall, Arnold, Carlton, West Bridgford, Ruddington, Beeston, Long Eaton, Stapleford, and Ilkeston - some of which are actually in Derbyshire.

The 2001 census recorded a population of 284,300 in Nottingham itself, with around 750,000 people living in the surrounding conurbation. Nottingham was the traditional county town of Nottinghamshire but since April 1, 1998 has been a unitary authority.

Nottingham is famous for its involvement in lace-making, the supposedly exceptional beauty of its young women, and its association with the legendary outlaw Robin Hood.

Nottingham is also nationally famous for the high ratio of females to males - given at various times between 3:1 to 6:1. In 2001, however, the official ratio was published as 1.015:1.

Nottingham geography

Nottingham is located at 52°58'00" North, 01°10'00" West (52.9667, -1.1667).

Nottingham history

Founded as a Saxon settlement, Nottingham was later captured by the Danes (Vikings) and in the 9th century became one of the five boroughs (fortified towns) of Danelaw. From its earliest beginnings, parts of the settlement have included man-made caves, dug into soft sandstone. During this period, the settlement went by names including Tigguo Cobauc ("House of Caves") and Snottingaham (from the Anglo-Saxon Chieftan Snot's people (inga) of the riverside/hillside (a) village (ham) ). The populace are grateful that the S became lost in the course of history.

In the 11th century a castle was constructed on a sandstone outcrop by the River Trent and a town grew around the castle. The cave network, substantially expanded, became home to a large proportion of the poorer populace – particularly those involved in the tanning industry. The caves were gradually abandoned in the 18th and 19th centuries, but came into use again as air raid shelters in World War II. A section of the cave network under the Broadmarsh shopping centre is now open as a tourist attraction, and some parts are still used as pub cellars.

A section of the caves under the castle is still in regular use as an indoor rifle range (Nottingham Rifle Club). Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn, partly built into the cave system below the castle and a major meeting point for those going on the Crusades in the Middle Ages (hence its name), lays claim to being the oldest pub in Britain. However, since two other Nottingham pubs – Ye Olde Salutation Inn and the Bell Inn – both call themselves the oldest in Nottingham they must be considered contenders for the title of oldest in Britain as well. The roots of the multiple claims lies can be traced to various subtleties of definition in terms such as "public house" and "inn".

It was in the Middle Ages that the legend of Robin Hood first arose. Robin Hood is said to have lived in Sherwood Forest, to the north of the city, and the Sheriff of Nottingham to have been his greatest enemy. While the legends are almost certainly untrue, particularly in their details, they have had a major impact on Nottingham, with Robin Hood imagery a popular choice for local businesses and many modern tourist attractions exploiting the legend.

The English Civil War began in Nottingham in 1642, when King Charles I raised his standard upon Nottingham castle. The original Nottingham castle was demolished by the victorious Parliamentarians in 1651. The castle mansion was built on this site, but was gutted in 1831 during riots over the Reform Bill, the current occupant being a known opponent of extending the franchise. In 1878 it was reopened as an art museum.

A major industry in the 19th century was lace-making, with Nottingham becoming famous for its lace. While some lace-making still goes on in the city, it is no longer of much economic significance. Also in the 19th century, the Nottingham Park Estate was built, on the castle's former deer park.

Famous people born in or near Nottingham include William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, the author D.H. Lawrence and the fashion designer Paul Smith. The poet Lord Byron resided, and is buried, at nearby Newstead Abbey.

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