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about Nanjing

Nanjing (南京, Pinyin: Nánjīng, Wade-Giles: Nan-ching; Postal System Pinyin: Nanking) is the capital city of Jiangsu Province in the People's Republic of China. It is situated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River at 32°03'N, 118°47'E. Nanjing is the second largest city in the region, Shanghai being first.

Nanjing is called "The capital of Education, Science, Culture, Art and Tourism". It has been well known as a cultural and educational center in China for more than a thousand years. It is one of the four ancient capitals of China and was the capital for ten dynasties and/or kingdoms. It was called “The Capital of Heaven”. It had been the political and economic center for the Yangtze River delta region for hundreds of years. Nanjing is also the transportation hub in eastern China and the downstream Yangtze River area. Nanjing is a popular tourist city, with large number of heritage tourist sites.

Nanjing history

In 495 B.C., the State of Wu established Yecheng (冶城) in today's Nanjing city area.

The State of Yue conquered Wu and established Yuecheng 越城 in 473 B.C..

The State of Chu established Jīnlíng (金陵) in this area in 333 B.C..

The city has experienced numerous destructions and reconstructions.

At least three subsequent cities were constructed: Jiànkāng (建康) of AD 229 (it met total annihilation in AD 589 and became farmland thereafter), a later Jinling built in 914, and the early Ming capital Nánjīng constructed in 1366.

Nanjing was also the capital of the Taiping Rebellion in the mid-19th century.

After the Northern Expedition in 1928, the Kuomintang under Chiang Kai-Shek established Nanjing as the capital of China in opposition to a government in Beijing led by northern warlords, and an alternate government in Wuhan led by Wang Jingwei. After the completion of the Northern Expedition in 1931, Chiang's government became the only recognized Chinese government.

In 1937 the city fell to the Japanese, who massacred prisoners-of-war, refugees and its residents during the Battle of Nanjing. Chiang moved his government to Chongqing City, and the Japanese established a puppet government in Nanjing under Wang Jingwei. After the end of World War II, Nanjing was reestablished as the capital of the Republic of China. In 1949, after the defeat of Chiang's forces on the Mainland, the capital of the People's Republic of China was established in Beijing. The Republic of China on Taiwan continues to recognize Nanjing as its "official" capital, while Taipei is deemed as only "temporary."

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