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about Muscat

Muscat (مسقط), population 880,200 (2004), is the capital of Oman. The city region incorporates Al-Amerat, Al-Ghubra, Al-Khuwair, Al-Qurm, Al-Seeb, Azaibah, Bausher, Ghala, Madinat Qaboos, Mina Al-Fahal, Old Muscat, Mutrah, PDO, Quriyat, Ruwi, Shati Al-Qurm, Sidab, and Wattayah.

Despite its rather moderate population for the country's largest and capital city, Muscat is a well-planned and spread-out city that covers an approximate area of 1500 sqkm. Because of this much of the city is empty and open to future development. There are pockets of dense residential and commercial districts however but these are in concentrated locations. These can be split into three main groups:

West Muscat: Al-Seeb, Azhaiba, Bausher, Al-Ghubra and Ghala Central Muscat: Al-Khuwair, Madinat Qaboos, Shati-Al Qurm, Qurm and PDO East Muscat: Wattayah, Ruwi, Muttrah, Kalbuh, Old Muscat, Sidab and Al-Bustan

Muscat history

The first foreign presence in Muscat was in the form of the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama , who landed in Oman on his way to India. The Portuguese retured in 1507 to sack and capture Muscat. In 1649, the Imam Sultan bin Saif defeated the Portuguese and drove them away east to Goa, India.

With the superior, captured warships of the Portuguese navy, the Imam established an empire that spanned from Zanzibar in the south to Guadar in Pakistan in the east. Slaves were brought in from Zanzibar and Balochistan to work in Oman. This was a period of relative stability and prosparity in Muscat and Oman.

The country was torn apart by strife and unrest upon the death of the Imam in 1679. Muscat was then invaded by the Persians in 1737, albiet briefly, since Admad bin Said defeated them and was subsequently elected Imam.

In 1803, the Wahabbis of Saudi Arabia attacked Oman, but were repulsed by Sayyid Said bin Sultan. The sultan then set up a colony in the fertile areas of Zanzibar and essentially ruled Oman from a foreign island. Later, in 1853, the sultan transferred the title of "capital" of Oman to Zanzibar. Thus began to decline of the fortunes of Muscat and Oman.

In 1913, Sultan Taimur became sultan and the territory was renamed "Muscat and Oman" with the Sultan ruling Muscat and the Imam ruling Oman. After Indian Independence in 1947, the sultan , with the help of the British, defeated the Imam, unified Oman and took command of the Buraimi oasis.

The Dofar War began in 1964 which sought the expulsion of the British from Oman. Six years later, Prince Qaboos bin Said, son of Sultan Taimur staged a palace coup and claimed the throne. The old sultan was flown to London by the British Royal Air Force. The coup, staged by Prince Qaboos, with his close friend and confidant Tim Landon at his side, was the beginning of a new consolidated, modern sultanate.

Sultan Qaboos bin Said instituted land and social reforms, and though autocratic, ruled Oman with a liberal vision that saw the an overall improvement in educational standards of its citizenary, cultural and economic development and overall consolidation of the sultanate.

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