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about Mendoza

Mendoza is a city (pop over 1 million, 2001) and capital of the Mendoza Province in Argentina. It is in the west of Argentina, on a major arterial road between Argentina and Chile.

The city center has many trees, watered by small canals which run alongside many of the roads and providing welcome shade. There are many Internet cafes and outdoor equipment supply stores. Some places are provided with wi-fi technology.

The city is centered around the Plaza Independencia, with a pedestrian street, Calle Sarmiento, running through the center. Other major streets, running perpendicular to Sarmiento, are 9 de Julio, Av. Las Heras, Av. Colon, Av. Aristides Villanueva (with a lot of bars) and Av. San Martin.

Climate: Very dry summers with wetter winters. Media temperatures for January (summer) are 35º C / 95º F at day, and 23º C / 73º F at night. Media temperatures for July (winter), are 12º C / 53º F at day, and 3º C / 38º F at night.

Mendoza is a frequent stopover for climbers heading up Aconcagua or other mountain climbing, trekking, horsebackriding, rafting, and outdoor activities.

One of the main industries of the Mendoza area is wine-making. The grape harvest is marked each year by the Vendimia festival, taking place in early March, in which 17 beauty queens (one for province departaments/counties) are nominated, and one winner is selected by a panel of about 50 judges. The queen from Mendoza City can't be chosen because she act as host of all other queens, the reason is traditional, Mendoza City hasn't vineyards.

Olive oil production is another large industry in Mendoza.

In the winter, skiers come to the city for its easy access to the Andes.

By bus, Mendoza is 14 hours from Buenos Aires and 6 hours from Santiago, Chile. Mendoza also has a new International Airport, with 2 hours from Buenos Aires and just 1 hour from Santiago de Chile.

Mendoza has an intense cultural activity, and the city is a main center for professional congresses and meetings. The city has several museums. The main ones are "Cornelio Moyano" (Natural History) and "Museo del Area Fundacional" (Foundational Area Museum, historic). At Maipu, 15 km southeast from Mendoza City, you can find the "Museo Nacional del vino" (National Wine Museum, wine and vineyard history). And at Mayor Drummond, 14 km south of Mendoza, the beautiful art museum "Emiliano Guiñazu - Casa de Fader", placed at a 1890 mansion where many walls have paintings by the great artist Fernando Fader.

For more touristic information, in Spanish and in English, you can visit: [] the official tourism office.

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