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about Manchester

Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire and the largest city of northern New England, an area composed of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. It is located in Hillsborough County on the banks of the Merrimack River. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 107,006. According to the US Census, Manchester is part of New Hampshire's only metropolitan area: The Manchester-Nashua metro area.

Manchester's nickname is Queen City. It was incorporated as a city in 1846. In 1998, it was named the Number One Small City in the East by Money magazine. Interstate 93 passes through the eastern part of the city and connects it to Concord, New Hampshire, the White Mountains, and Boston, Massachusetts.

The city is served by Manchester Airport, a fast-growing airport that has Southwest Airlines as its main service provider. The Mall of New Hampshire, on Manchester's southern fringe, is the city's main retail center.

Manchester sport teams include The Manchester Wolves (Arena Football), The New Hampshire Fisher Cats (minor league baseball), and The Manchester Monarchs (American Hockey League).

Manchester is a sister city of Nashville, Tennessee, with which it is directly linked by air.

Manchester geography

Manchester is located at 42°59'11" North, 71°27'6" West (42.986284, -71.451560).

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 90.4 km² (34.9 mi²). 85.5 km² (33.0 mi²) of it is land and 4.9 km² (1.9 mi²) of it is water. The total area is 5.44% water.

Manchester history

For thousands of years, the Amoskeag falls along the Merrimack river in Manchester have been New Hampshire's most important gathering place. Paleo-Indians were the area's first visitors, arriving about 12,000 years ago after the glacier receded from the last ice age. The main community of native people who lived near Amoskeag Falls were the Penacooks.

The word "Amoskeag" is derived from the Penacook word "Namoskeag" which means "the great fishing place”. The word "Merrimack" means, “place of strong current” or “a long and continued place of water for fishing”. Nomadic people who visited the Amoskeag Falls on the Merrimack River for thousands of years to fish for the salmon, shad, alewives, sturgeon, and eels that swam up the Merrimack River from the Atlantic Ocean.

During archeological excavations on both sides of the Merrimack River near Amoskeag Falls, significant prehistoric artifacts have been found.

The first white man to visit the site of Amoskeag Falls was the explorer Samuel De Champlain on June 17, 1605 after being told of the place by several native people he had met the day before at Odiorne Point in Rye, New Hampshire. Thomas Morton provided the first authentic information regarding the native people of the Merrimack in his published work “New England Canaan”, printed in 1637, which was based on his 1628 trip to the Merrimack River.

The first white settler in the Manchester area was John Goffe in 1722 who acquired land on the north bank of the Cohas Brook at its junction with the Merrimack River.Several years later John Goffe built a dam across Cohas Brook and constructed and operated a sawmill.

Early settlers farmed the fields on the sides of the Merrimack and fished the river as the native people had done in the past. In 1775, at the time of the Revolutionary War, there were approximately 41 men between the ages of 16-50 living in Manchester, and 36 of these men were fit to bear arms. Many of the men served under Manchester's General John Stark at the Battle of Bunker Hill in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1776.

A group of business men started the manufacturing of fabric from cotton at Amoskeag Falls, and in January 1810, a fabric manufacturing company was incorporated and called the Amoskeag Cotton and Wool Manufacturing Company. Stores, shops, and boarding houses were built near the mills and Manchester soon began to flourish. The Amoskeag Manufacturing Company was chartered in June 1831 with capital of $1,600,000.

The Amoskeag Manufacturing Company laid out the site for the town, consisting of the main street running parallel to the river called Elm Street. Immigrants from all over New England and Quebec moved to Manchester to work at the Mills.

At its peak in the early twentieth century, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company was the largest textile producer in the world with 30 mills in operation, 17,000 workers, and 8 million feet of floor space. The Amoskeag Mills made the greatest profits in its history during World War I.

Amoskeag continued to add mills and spindles to reduce the cost of making fabric only to discover that the textile industry throughout the world had too much productive capacity for the market, and the New England mills were the ones to lose out. After World War I, industrial demobilization followed, and the Amoskeag Mills, along with most other New England textile corporations, experienced a general decline. Southern competition, antiquated machinery, inefficiency, and high labor costs were also factors in the decline.

By the 1920’s, a period of prosperity in the United States, the workers in the Amoskeag Mills were already rehearsing for the great depression. Other prolonged strikes by the UTW in 1922, 1933, and 1934 were targeted against the Amoskeag Mills to respond to wage reductions and increased production quotas on workers. Smaller strikes occurred until the mills eventually shut down.

In recent decades, the Amoskeag Mills no longer house massive manufacturing operations, but the have experienced a cultural renewal. Today buildings in Manchester's Amoskeag Millyard District house technology companies, artist colonies, restaurants, breweries, and museums. Today, Manchester provides some of the best cultural activities in New England.

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