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about Linkoping

Linköping [ˈˈlɪnʃøːpɪŋ] is a City in southern Sweden, in the Östergötland County and the Ostrogothia Province. With its surroundings it makes up the fifth largest Municipality in Sweden, Linköpings kommun, with 136,190 inhabitants (SCB statistics of November 1, 2003). Of these, 94,298 live in the city itself (SCB statistics of December 31, 2000).

The municipality borders in the west to Motala, and clockwise to Finspång, Norrköping, Åtvidaberg, Kinda, and Mjölby.

Linköping is the center of an old cultural region and celebrated its 700th anniversary in 1987. Dominating the city's skyline from a far distance is the tower of the cathedral.

The city is situated south of lake Roxen (which is part of the historically important water paths Motala ström and Göta kanal) where the main road from Stockholm to Helsingborg crosses the river Stångån (and Kinda kanal).

This road was part of the Eriksgata route that the newly elected king had to travel according to medieval Swedish Law. In the 20th century road system, it was first called Riksettan (national highway no 1). It is currently called E4 and has been redirected to pass outside the city on the north side. Further contributing to Linköping's excellent communications is its situation on the main southern railway line connecting Stockholm with Malmö and Danish capital Copenhagen. There is also a minor airport.

Palo Alto, California is a twin town to Linköping.

Linkoping history

Historically, Linköping is famed for being an early diocese, second in Sweden (within its pre-1658 boundaries) only to Skara. The monastery of Vreta Kloster near Roxen north of Linköping was established in 1128, and the oldest parts of the cathedral are also from the 12th century (although it has been changed many times since then, the eye-catching tower being a 19th century product). At several occasions, attempts to achieve a separate Swedish archdiocese were based in Linköping, though when they finally were successful in 1164, Uppsala was chosen in stead.

Religious centers tend to become educational centers, and Linköping was no exception. The cathedral school is known from 1266, possibly the first in Sweden.

Also, Linköping was the site for the final settlement of the dispute between King Sigismund and his uncle Duke Charles, the latter prevailing in the battle of Stångebro (today a sports field near central Linköping) on September 25, 1598. This ultimately led to the rise to the throne of Charles (de facto at the Riksdag at Linköping in 1600 and formally four years later) and the end of the short-lived Swedish-Polish personal union, as well as the execution of five of Charles's political opponents on the main square of Linköping on March 20, 1600.

Linköping was a small town until 1937, when the Saab aircraft industry was formed, starting a period of rapid expansion. Linköping University was established in 1969. Today the city is a center of high-technology and software industry.

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