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about Isaccea

Isaccea (population: 5,614) is a small town in the Tulcea county, in Dobruja, Romania, on the right bank of the Danube, 35 km north-west of Tulcea.

Isaccea geography

The town has in administration 96.71 km², of which 3.69 km² are inside the residential areas. The town includes two other settlements: Revărsarea and Tichileşti. The Tulcea – Brăila roadway crosses the town.

Isaccea history

Inhabited since ancient times, the city was called "Noviodunum", a name of a Celtic origin meaning "New Fort" ("novio" means "new", while "dunum" is Celtic for "hillfort" or "fortified settlement"), with another Dacian city called "Genucla" located nearby. In 514 BC, Darius the Great fought here a decisive battle against the Scythians. A trade post was also built in this town by the Greeks

Later, the city was the base of the lower Danube Roman fleet named "Clasis Flavia Moesica" and it became a centre of the Christianity in the 4th century, in 1970s was found the grave of four martyrs named Zotic, Attal, Kamasie and Filip. In 369 a battle led by the Roman emperor Flavius Valens took place here against the visigoths led by Athanaric. It was then the most important Byzantine naval base on the Danube until 602 when the Byzantines lost it to the migrating people.

In the 11th century, the Pechenegs being driven southward by the Cumans, settled in Northern Dobrogea, including in this city, fact backed by archeological evidence, such as leaf-shaped pendants, characteristic to them. They were eventually assimilated in the Romanian population.

Also in the 11th century can be found the origin of the current name: a local Romanian king named "Saccea" (or "Satza"), name that was for the first time used by Byzantine Anna Comnena in her Alexiad, the initial "i" in the name being added during the Turkish domination, due to the same feature of Turkish language that transformed "Stanbul" to "Istanbul".

Another explanation of the name can be found in some local legends that claim that the town was named after a certain Isac Baba, however the other explanation is more likely to be true.

In 1340, it was occupied by the Golden Horde, then in the 14th century it was ruled by Mircea cel Bătrân, then Vlad Ţepeş reached it in 1462 during his campaigns against the Ottoman Empire, but in 1484 it became a Turkish teritory, the Ottomans building here a fort for defending their Northern border.

A medieval name of Isaccea was "Obluciţa", Slavic name derived from the word "oblutak", that means a rock that was shaped by water into a rounder form.

On 6 October 1598, Mihai Viteazul defeats the Ottoman army at Isaccea, however, after Mihai's death in 1601, the town is regained by the Ottomans.

Burnt several times in the 18th century during the Russian-Turkish wars, it was occupied by each side for several times.

After the Independence War of Romania (1877) against the Ottoman Empire, it became part of the new state of Romania.

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This city is also known as: Isaccea.

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