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Welcome to Homs Travel Guide, extensive source of tourist information and travel services offer related to Homs and Syria. Book cheap hotels, cheap flights and get car rental. We also offer Homs travel guide books and maps and atlases. Please visit Syria travel guide for more travel and tourism iformation and attractions in the Syria.

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Homs travel guide

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about Homs

Homs (also Himş, Arabic, حمص, population 190,000) is an ancient city in Syria, dating back to 2300 B.C.. In Roman times it was known as Emesa. The Krak des Chevaliers is built on this mountain gap. It also is home to the Tomb of Khaled Bin Al Waleed, a famous and celebrated Muslim Warrior.

Homs is the city of choice when it comes to making jokes. It is like Belgium to France in joke-making. Homsies (Hamasne) are accused of being crazy and even having an official holiday (every Wedensday) for practicing The Crazy Fest ( Eid El- Majaneen). Homsies neither denie it nor approve this myth. Labelling Homsies crazy has its roots deep back right when the Romans decided to conquer this beautiful city, which is near Palmyra. When Homsies heard of the coming conquerors, the small city council unanimously voted to a rather weired solution. They put out advisories for residents to act like they are crazy, and make the aspiring Roman occupiers uncomfortable. Guidelines were put for Homsies to eat with full mouths, excrete out in the open in food stores (to disgust the forces and sway them from taking their food), dancing, touching the foreigners genitals, doing practical jokes, and the rest was up to the Homsies imagination. the homsies who liked the idea, acted in advice, and when the coming conquerors came into the city, all the residents acted crazy, putting up a show that digusted the coming forces, instigated empathy, and belated this cities besiege. The effect were not in the homsies favour, the Romans did rule this city for a long time. Nevertheless, Kudos to the crazy plan!

Deek-El Jin : Great Homsy Dark age Poet

El-Haj Shuaib Rifai: Great Homsy Engineer, philanthropist, and community leader.

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