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Guaratingueta travel guide

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about Guaratingueta

Guaratinguetá is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. Located in the region of Vale do Paraíba. Land of beatified Frei Galvão, of the President of the Republic (Brazil), Rodrigues Alves and of the Cardiologist Dr Euryclides de Jesus Zerbini.

The name of the city derives from the words in the Tupi language: gûyra (garça), tinga (white) and etá (many), resulting in Gûyrating'etá (meeting of garças white).

Guaratingueta history

Since the first times, Guaratinguetá was known for the Indians of the region for the abundance of garças, they live on the edges of the Rio Paraíba lived. The first white settlers arrived at the end of the 16th century, with

Portuguese flags hidden beyond behind wealth Serra da Mantiqueira, in the lands known as today as Minas Gerais.

In 1628, initiated the povoamento of the region, with the donation of lands by Jacques Felix and its children, being raised in June 13, 1630 with the construction of a chapel, in fact, registered in first Livro-Tombo da Matriz of Santo Antonio.

On February 13, 1651, by intervention of the Capitão Domingos Leme, was raised in a village by Santo Antonio of Guaratinguetá, due to the opening of the a main road. By tradition also , was raised [ Pillory|pillory ] ]. During the 18th century, became the main point of supplying the explorers of the loads of gold from Minas Gerais, lived for the commerce on the side of the route. During that period, the foreign travellers who had passed there had left valorous documents regarding Guaratinguetá, as much in books how much in paintings. The few and narrow streets are filled by the people in the sundays and holidays for the religious cults.

It entered into the religious narrative in 1717. In 1757, it initiated the second bigger Party in Louvor to a Saint in the city. Diogo Antonio de Feijó, future priest and regent of the empire of Dom Pedro II, studied in Guaratinguetá with the permitted Manoel Frank Gonçalves enters the years of 1795 and 1798.

In the 19th century, Guaratinguetá reached the apogee of coffee production, at the same time where it suffered with the decline of sugar production. During the Brazilian independence, Dom Pedro I spend the night in the city, in August 18 of 1822. Stimulated for the economic development, and promoted by the evolution of coffee, the village became a city in 1844] ], and of the comarca in 1852. coffee made a hard currency, modified the daily dose of the city. It raised man power in the farms, the constructions in the city were extended and the children of the farmers were taken to study it. Commercial merchandises came in lombo of donkey of the port of Parati and enlarged.

Francisco de Paula Rodrigues Alves, born on the 7 of July, 1848, future council member of the empire, Member of the house of representatives, president of the Province of São Paulo and for two times President of the Republic (Brazil). Was inaugurated by a daily O Mosaico, first of Vale do Paraíba, in 1858. In 1868 and 1884 the Imperial Family was in Guaratinguetá. The development comes the horse (of iron) in 1877 with the construction of the railway commecting São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With the abolition of slavery, confided space for the immigrants who came to substitute the man power. At the end of 19th century, he was marked by the inauguration of a theater Carlos Gomes, Da Ponte Metálica, the Banco Popular, the market, and water supply, the urban net of sewer and for the installation of the first pertained Grupo Escolar in the city, in the building Dr. Flamínio Lessa.

The 20th century was received with the exhaustion from lands and the decline from the coffee production. It faced the fall of a new economic focos confided: extensive farming, industrialization and the return to commerce]. It has the shelter for education with the installation of the Escola de Especialista de Aeronáutica,lit. School of Specialist of Aeronautics), the campus of UNESP with the Faculdade de Engenharia, lit. College of Engineering, of the Faculdade of Engenharia (FATEC) and the SENAC. Tourism is also the key for the development, with the increase of the devotion Frei Galvão, the visitation to the cave and peregrination to the local church and monasteries. An addition to this, it also has agricultural tourism and of the environment, enriched enough with the beauty of the bushes and the agricultural areas, for for Serra do Mar and Serra da Mantiqueira. The inside of the urban perimeter, still has the presence of the colonial houses with its beautiful architecture of the last century.

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