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about Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is a city located in Allen County in northeastern Indiana. As of the 2000 census, as recertified in June 2003, the city had a total population of 220,486. It is named after a U.S. military fort established in 1794 by Gen. Anthony Wayne where the St. Joseph River and St. Marys River join to form the Maumee River. The city is the county seat of Allen County.

Fort Wayne geography

Modern Fort Wayne is set in a productive agricultural area, but has always been an important transportation hub. Founded at the confluence of three rivers, the city was the summit of the Wabash-Erie Canal. Fort Wayne also site at the high point between two rndiana watersheds; hence its nickname, "Summit City."

Current Fort Wayne straddles Interstate 69, and is served by Norfolk Southern, Conrail and CSX rail lines as well as Fort Wayne International Airport and Smith Field regional airport.

Physical geography

Even for a regional "summit," Fort Wayne is fairly flat. There are some local wetlands and gravel pits. The soil is the deep dark brown earth characteristic of the Midwest.

Major Parks

Fort Wayne's first park, the 0.2 acre Old Fort Park, was established in 1863. The newest park, the 170 acre Salomon Farm Park, was established in 1995. As of 2004, the city had 87 parks covering 2,199.55 acres. Other parks include:

Fort Wayne history

Historically the site was known as Kekionga, the traditional capital of the Miami nation. In the 1680s, French traders established a trading post at the location because it was the main portage between the Great Lakes via the Maumee River and the Mississippi River via the nearby Little River branch of the Wabash River.

The French built the first fort on the site, Fort Miamis, in 1697 as part of a group of forts built between Quebec and St. Louis. Forts Miamis was replaced by Fort St. Philippe in 1722.

Increasing tension between France and Britain developed over the territory. In 1760, after defeat by British forces in the French and Indian War, the area was ceded to the British Empire. The fort was renamed "Fort Miami."

In 1763, various Native American nations rebelled against British rule and retook the fort as part of Pontiac's Rebellion. The Miami regained control of Kekionga, a rule that lasted for more than 30 years.

In 1794, under the command of General Anthony Wayne, the United States army captured the Wabash-Erie portage from the Miami and built a new fort near the three rivers. Fort Wayne was named for the general.

Eventually, the portage was replaced by a canal in the mid 1800s. Fort Wayne's significance as a waterway portage lost national prominence as the railroad system developed in the United States. For nearly a century it was an important railroad center between New York and Chicago.

Most of the population growth occurred in the 19th century with immigration from Germany and Ireland. The large numbers of Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches reflect this. German-language newspapers were published into the 20th century.

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