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about Exeter

A number of other places have taken their names from Exeter

Exeter history

There was a settlement on the banks of the Exe prior to the Romans' foundation of Isca Dumnoniorum in c. AD 50, building a defensive wall to surround the settlement. Isca was the most south-westerly Roman fortified settlement in England. Significant parts of the Roman wall remain (obviously much patched in subsequent centuries), and most of its route can be traced on foot. There is a substantial Roman baths complex, though because this is close to the cathedral, it has not yet been practicable to excavate it for public view. Exeter was also the southern starting point for the Fosse Way Roman road.

In 876 Exeter was attacked by the Danes.

In 1068 the city was attacked by William the Conqueror, submitting only after a 18 day siege.

The city took the Royalist side in the English Civil War.

Industrial Revolution

Early in the English Industrial revolution, Exeter's industry developed on the basis of locally available agricultural products, since the city's location on a fast-flowing river gave it ready access to water power. However when steam power replaced water in the later nineteenth century, Exeter was too far from sources of coal (or iron) to develop further. As a result the city declined in relative importance, and was spared the rapid nineteenth century development that changed many historic European cities out of all recognition; this may be why it is nowadays regularly voted within the top few cities of the United Kingdom for quality of life.

World War II

Exeter was extensively bombed by the Germans during WWII, in a 1942 raid that formed part of the Baedeker Blitz. Forty acres (160,000 m²) of the city, particularly adjacent to its central High Street and Sidwell Street, were levelled by incendiary bombing by the German Luftwaffe. Many historic buildings were destroyed, and others including Exeter Cathedral were damaged. The city was rebuilt in the 1950s in an attempt to preserve its ancient heritage, though many authorities feel that the post-war reconstruction - largely based on 50s block-style architecture - was weak and failed to conserve partly-damaged structures that could have been saved, as well as making too many concessions to motor traffic. Currently, despite local opposition, one rebuilt street, Princesshay, is to be redeveloped again in a more modern style. Previously regarded as second only to Bath as an architectural site in southern England, Exeter is now a city with some beautiful buildings rather than a beautiful city. As a result, although there is a significant tourist trade, Exeter is not dominated by tourism.

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