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about Curepipe

Curepipe is a large town in Mauritius, situated centrally. It is second in size and importance to Port Louis, the capital. The name originates from where settlers would come to the town to refill "cure" their pipes.

Compared to the rest of the island, Curepipe lies at a higher elevation, often referred to as the "central plateau". Curepipe has the extinct Trou aux Cerfs (Crater of Stags) volcano lying in the middle of the city.

Curepipe is home to the MBC, and pictured is the New George V stadium, in the Forest-Side district of Curepipe, which recently hosted events of the 6th Games of the Indian Ocean Islands (Jeux des Iles de L'Ocean Indien, JIOI). The Royal College of Curepipe, one of the oldest schools is located in the centre of Curepipe.

The road in the image is the main one leading through Curepipe from the main motorway (La Vigie), towards the major Jan Palach North and South bus terminals, and heading to Phoenix and back to the motorway towards Port Louis.

Lying on the central plateau, Curepipe has a temperate climate with cool winters and rainy, humid summers. The soil is lush and rich, as testified by the lovely conifer woods surrounding the city. It has beautiful vegetable and flower markets. One can easily mistake this city for an English academic town. It is home to many schools and tertiary institutions.

The French started this settlement at the very beginning of the French colonisation of the island. The cool climate would have reminded them of their native France. One town next to it is actually named Nouvelle France meaning New France in English.

Until recently Curepipe was the primary dwelling place of the French descendants with well kept posh villas and shopping malls. The increasing urdan sprawl and better roads and communications may have convinced them to shift base to the scenic western coast. It is a loss to the cultural and intellectual life of the city.

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This city is also known as: Curepipe.

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