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about Columbus

Columbus is a city located in Muscogee County, Georgia. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 186,291. The city is the county seat of Muscogee County.

Columbus geography

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 572.4 km² (221.0 mi²). 560.1 km² (216.3 mi²) of it is land and 12.3 km² (4.7 mi²) of it is water. The total area is 2.14% water.

Columbus history

Founded in 1828 by an act of the Georgia Legislature, Columbus was situated at the end of the navigable portion of the Chattahoochee River and on the last stretch of the Federal Road before entering Alabama. The city was named for Christopher Columbus, its founders likely influenced by the writings of Washington Irving. The plan for the city was drawn up by Dr. Edwin L. DeGaffenried who placed the town on a bluff overlooking the river. Across the river, where Phenix City, Alabama is now located, Creek Indians lived until their removal in 1836.

The river served as Columbus' connection to the world, particularly connecting the plantations in the region with the international cotton market via New Orleans and ultimately Liverpool, England. The city's commercial importance increased in the 1850s with the arrival of the railroad. In addition, textile mills began springing up along the river bringing industry to an area reliant upon agriculture.

By 1860, the city was one of the more important industrial centers of the South, earning it the nickname "the Lowell of the South." When the outbreak of war came in 1861, the industries of Columbus expanded their production and Columbus became one of the most important centers of industry in the Confederacy. In addition to textiles, the city had an ironworks as well as a shipyard for the Confederate Navy. The city finally saw its only fighting when on Easter Sunday, April 14, 1865 a Union detatchment under General James H. Wilson attacked the city and burned many of the industrial buildings.

Reconstruction began almost immediately and prosperity was found. The industrialization of the town led to rapid growth. By now, the city had outgrown its original plan. Columbus was graced with the Springer Opera House on 10th Avenue, which would

By the time of the Spanish American War, the city began to and a new water works. Mayor Lucius Chappell also brought a training camp for soldiers to the area. This training camp would grow into Fort Benning, named for General Henry L. Benning, a native of the city.

With the expansion of the city, the need for a university saw the establishment of Columbus Junior College which would later grow into Columbus State University. As the city has turned from its initial industry of texttiles, it has found a home for other prominent industries including the headquarters for AFLAC.

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This city is also known as: Columbus.

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