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about Bialogard

Białogard (former German name Belgard) is a town in Middle Pomerania, north-western Poland with some 25,000 inhabitants. Capital of Bialogard County in West Pomeranian Voivodship since 1999, previously in Koszalin Voivodship (1950-1998).

Bialogard history

According to the archaeologists the Białogard stronghold was built in the fork of Parsęta and Leśnica rivers as early as 8th century. In 10th century it was an important centre of long-range international trade at the crossroads of two important trade routes: North-South Salt route from Kołobrzeg to Poznań and Greater Poland, and the West-East Pomeranian route from Szczecin to Gdańsk.

Pomerania was inhabited by 5-6 local tribes, and Białogard was probably the centre of one of them. In 10th century Pomerania was conquered by Polish dukes Mieszko I and Boleslaus the Brave, who has established a bishopric in the nearby Kołobrzeg in 1000, but the area was soon lost to Poland and Christianity.

Białogard is first mentioned in the chronicle of Gallus Anomynmous as rich and populous stronghold in the middle of Pomerania, famous royal city called white (Alba Regia). This city was conquered by Boleslaus III of Poland in 1107. By the invitation of Boleslaus the Wrymouth and his vassal Warcilaw I of Pomerania, Bishop Otto of Bamberg came with a mission to Pomerania in 1124. Białogard was one of the places he visited. In 12th century Bialogard was a seat of a regional governor (castelan).

The city was developing quickly as one of the more important economic centres of Pomeranian Duchy, and this was strengthened by the privilege of Lubeck law granted to the city by duke Boguslaw IV in 1299.Ih 14th century Bialogards was a member of the Hanse trading union. As a result of feudal fragmentation of Pomerania, Białogard was part of Duchy of Wolgast from 1295, and Duchy of Slupsk from 1368. Duke Warcislaw IV has chosen Bialogad as his main place of residence in 1315. Pomerania was united under the duke Boguslaw X in 1478, after 1569 Bialogard was part of Duchy of Szczecin, and later was again in the united Duchy of Pomerania under Boguslaw XIV, last Pomeranian monarch.

After the extinction of Pomeranian dukes, and as a result of Thirty-Years War Pomerania was divided between Sweden, Brandenburg, and Poland. In 1653 Bialogard fell to Brandenburg, (later Prussia). In 1724 Białogard was made the capital of a county in the Pomeranian Province of the Prussian state, and after the administration reorganization in 1815, the capital county in Koszalin Dictrict(Hinterpommern) of Pomerania.

The first post office was open in 1825, and in 1858 the first railroad to Koszalin and Świdnin, later to Stargard and Szczecinek (1878).

As a result of WWII Białogard fell to Poland in 1945 and was made a county city in the Szczecin Voivodship, later Koszalin Voivodship, and now it is located in Western Pomeranian Voivodship.

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This city is also known as: Białogard.

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