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about Belgorod

Belgorod (Бе́лгород) is a city in Russia, administrative center of Belgorod Oblast. It stands on river Severskiy Donets.

Population 310,000 (2000).

Belgorod is a regional, industrial and cultural centre of Belgorod region (Belgorod State). There is one representative from Belgorod state in the Senate of Russian Federation. Belgorod located in the South of the Central Black-Earth Zone of Russia about 695.2 kilometres from Moscow.

The name Belgorod in English means "White city". It is because the city of Belgorod is situated on large deposits of chalk.

Belgorod is a very old city. Not long ago it celebrated its millennium. For many centuries it has been looking from chalk hills in the bright waters of the river Seversky Donets.

Other historical sources show multiple Scythian settlements on the place of modern Belgorod as early as 2nd century BC.

Earliest Russian language document that mentions the name "Belgorod" was dated 1237.

Historical publications support the facts that Attilla the Great (Ghatilla in Old Scythian language) was born in Belgorod region before he destroyed Rome.

Later, in 7-8th century Rurik, the future emperor of Kiev (currently capital of Ukraine) stayed in Belgorod during his trip from Scandinavia to Kiev. Genetic research shows that many people from Belgorod region inherit Ryurik's genetic material.

In the XVI-th century in the reign of tsar Feodor Ioannovich (the son of Ivan the Terrible) a big fortress was built in Belgorod (fortress size was comparable with a size of Pittsburgh, PA in 17-th century). In those distant times the city stayed just on the border of the Russian state and "The Wild field" - the border between Russia and "Golden Horde".

There are many well-known historical persons, who were connected with Belgorod in different times. In 1708 Peter the Great was in Belgorod when his troops were moving through it just before the battle of Poltava. Two Belgorod regiments took part in the Poltava battle, in particular infantry and dragoon regiments.

35-th dragoon Belgorod regiment had been staying in a city till 1917. Soldiers from Belgorod fought under the banners of field-marshal count Suvorov in the war of 1812 year against Napoleon.

There is a small village of Prokhorovka near Belgorod . In July 12, 1943 it hosted the biggest tank-battle in human history. It was the centre of the well-known Kursk battle or "Kursk Duga". This battle was one of the greatest victories of the Red Army in the World War II.

And in the evening of August 5, 1943 in Moscow was the first salute and fireworks in honour of this victory. It was the beginning of the new tradition to celebrate every new big victory with salutes. And from that day the city of Belgorod has been often called "The city of the first salute".

Now Belgorod is one of the most beautiful places of Central Russia. There are many monuments of Wold War II in Belgorod. including Belgorod Diorama and the Cathedral in Prokhorovka.

Now Belgorod is a quickly developing industrial and cultural centre. Belgorod also is a city of students. The main educational centres are the Belgorod Technological Academy, the Belgorod State University, the Belgorod Agricultural Academy and Financial Academy.

The Belgorod Academic Theatre is named in honour of the famous Russian actor of XIX century, Mikhail Shepkin, who was born near Belgorod. Now the theatre is known all over Russia.

There are several other historical towns in Russia and Ukraine also named Belgorod.

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