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Welcome to Babylon (بابل) Travel Guide, extensive source of tourist information and travel services offer related to Babylon and Iraq. Book cheap hotels, cheap flights and get car rental. We also offer Babylon travel guide books and maps and atlases. Please visit Iraq travel guide for more travel and tourism iformation and attractions in the Iraq.

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about Babylon

Babylon was the capital city of Babylonia in Mesopotamia (in contemporary Iraq, about 70 miles south of Baghdad). The name is the Greek form of Babel, which is derived in turn from the Semitic form Babilu, meaning "The Gate of God". This Semitic word is a translation of the Sumerian Kadmirra.

The monumental list of its kings reaches back to circa 2300 BC, and includes Hammurabi (perhaps the Amraphel of Genesis, and, if so, hence the contemporary of Abraham). It stood on the Euphrates, about 322 km (approx. 200 miles) above its junction with the Tigris, which flowed through its midst and divided it into two almost equal parts.

The Elamites invaded Chaldea (i.e., Lower Mesopotamia, or Shinar, and Upper Mesopotamia, or Akkad, now combined into one) and held it in subjection. At length King Hammurabi delivered it from the foreign yoke and founded the Babylonian Empire, making Babylon the capital of the united kingdom.

The city gradually grew in extent and grandeur, but in process of time it became subject to Assyria. It rebelled against the Assyrian rule under Mushezib-Marduk and again under Shamash-shum-ukin but was besieged and taken over by Sennacherib and Assurbanipal (Kandalanu) again. On the fall of Nineveh (612 BC) it threw off the Assyrian yoke, and became the capital of the growing Babylonian empire.

Under Nebuchadnezzar, it became one of the most splendid cities of the ancient world. His most famous construction was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

After passing through various vicissitudes the city was occupied by Cyrus the Great, "king of Persia", 538 BC, who issued a decree permitting the Jews to return to their own land (Ezra 1). It then ceased to be the capital of an empire. It was again and again visited by hostile armies, until its inhabitants were all driven from their homes, and the city became a complete desolation.

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