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Discussion on travel tips, hotel reviews and etc. The discussion board is geographically divided into continents, countries and cities. Please feel free to share your travel experience with other travellers. Our world-wide team of editors is ready to answer your questions. Your comment will be added to the discussion on Zagreb in Croatia. This city is also known as Zagreb.

Zagreb discussion — add your comment or question


    From Venice to Zagreb

    posted: Thursday 29th 2006f June 2006 08:09:26 AM
    author: Adamm from Croatia

    Plane will be probably the fastest and not too expensive. There is also direct train connection Venice to Zagreb, the price is better than place but it takes more time.

    Best way to travel from Opatija to Milan

    posted: Wednesday 28th 2006f June 2006 07:23:04 PM
    author: jean niles from Slovenia

    What is an inexpensive way to travel from Opatija to Milan, Italy. We wanted to go by train but it is 14 hours. Is there a flight that is not too expensive. Any ideas would be welcome.


    Best Rates from Canada to Zagreb

    posted: Saturday 03rd 2006f June 2006 03:26:10 AM
    author: Sam B from Canada

    Any info is appreciated for travel during the summer months.



    posted: Sunday 28th 2006f May 2006 03:57:42 AM
    author: Dijana from Croatia

    Please let me know what airline is the cheapest to travel to Sydney Australia?

    Is it better to travel by car to Ljubljana, Graz to get plane conection there? Many thanks

    what value

    posted: Monday 01st 2006f May 2006 03:16:25 PM
    author: Dean Messier from Croatia

    I need to know from someone who has done it. The least costly way to travel from BC Canada to Zagreb Croatia. Is there a better time of year to go? Should I drive to a USA airport and fly from there? I need cheap airfare for 2. Staying 3 weeks

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