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Discussion on travel tips, hotel reviews and etc. The discussion board is geographically divided into continents, countries and cities. Please feel free to share your travel experience with other travellers. Our world-wide team of editors is ready to answer your questions. Your comment will be added to the discussion on Singapore in Singapore. This city is also known as Singapore.

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    Singapore travel

    posted: Saturday 05th 2014f July 2014 07:31:51 AM
    author: Jaxon Smith from Singapore

    I always advise people to stay at Changi Airport in Singapore as long as possible. I also enjoy Little India.

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    singapore travel

    posted: Tuesday 01st 2014f July 2014 09:26:08 AM
    author: JaxonSmith from Singapore

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    singapore flyer

    posted: Wednesday 02nd 2008f July 2008 09:09:25 PM
    author: valerie from Singapore

    i've been on board the singapore flyer and i must say it was exhilarating! do visit their webpage for ongoing promos.. :)

    tax relief in singapore?

    posted: Wednesday 07th 2007f March 2007 12:51:08 AM
    author: Martina from Singapore

    I am concerned about the tax relief for resident (foreigners) in singapore. Are these details still very up to date?


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