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Discussion on travel tips, hotel reviews and etc. The discussion board is geographically divided into continents, countries and cities. Please feel free to share your travel experience with other travellers. Our world-wide team of editors is ready to answer your questions. Your comment will be added to the discussion on Ogbomoso in Nigeria. This city is also known as Ogbomoso.

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    transportation ogbomosho/lagos

    posted: Wednesday 17th 2013f April 2013 02:27:56 PM
    author: bouchet from Nigeria


    please could you tell me if there is a bus going to Lagos from Ogbomosho, and the cost of it ?

    I'll really appreciate your help. This is URGENT question.

    many thanks



    posted: Saturday 20th 2012f October 2012 12:56:01 AM
    author: RAPHAEL AMIR from Nigeria

    looking for store to buy a cam for my computer...asking for address.THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

    Business Manager

    posted: Wednesday 18th 2011f May 2011 01:00:02 PM
    author: anil kumar pachauri from Nigeria

    I want to know about toyosi hotel of ogbomoso in oyo


    posted: Tuesday 19th 2007f June 2007 06:24:27 AM
    author: ALI RASHID from Nigeria

    am looking to buy a big farm in ogbomoso

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