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    posted: Friday 11th 2009f September 2009 03:27:45 PM
    author: kahkashan from Panama

    can who introduce 2 business travel companies to me ?thank you

    looking for 2 business travel companies

    posted: Tuesday 08th 2009f September 2009 08:20:13 PM
    author: DENNISE from China

    can who introduce 2 business travel companies to me ?thank you!

    Coco Solo information

    posted: Friday 17th 2009f July 2009 12:15:24 PM
    author: Bob Morgan from Panama

    I have a travel client who will be visiting Cristobol/Colon by cruise ship, with a limited 3 hour visit. Is a side trip to Coco Solo possible within that time frame? If so can someone suggest a taxi or tranfer company at Colon?

    colon to Playa Langosta/Maria Chiquita

    posted: Saturday 07th 2009f February 2009 12:11:21 PM
    author: K.C. Lynch from Panama

    I wish to hire a car/driver to take us from Colon docs to beaches within an hour's drive. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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