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FYRO Macedonia vacations — cheap vacation in FYRO Macedonia

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FYRO Macedonia vacation destinations (alphabetical list)

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Bitola vacations

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Ohrid vacations

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Skopje vacations

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Struga vacations

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Tetovo vacations

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Veles vacations

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about FYRO Macedonia

FYRO Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia, officially known by most international organizations and foreign states as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), is an independent state on the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe. It is often called simply Macedonia, although this can cause confusion with the wider geographical region and the Greek provinces of Macedonia. The Republic contains roughly 38% of the area and nearly 44% of the population of the geographical region.

The lands governed by the Republic of Macedonia were previously the southernmost part of Yugoslavia. Its current borders were fixed shortly after World War II when the socialist Yugoslavia established the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, controversially recognising the Macedonian Slavs as a separate nation. Renamed the Republic of Macedonia in 1991, it seceded peacefully from Yugoslavia without any further territorial changes.

FYRO Macedonia geography

The Republic of Macedonia does not nearly encompass the whole of Macedonia: the remainder of that region is divided between neighbouring Greece (with about half of the total) and Bulgaria (with under a tenth).

The terrain is mostly rugged, located between the Šar and Rhodope mountains around the valley of Vardar.

The area is seismically active and has been subject to destructive earthquakes in the past.

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