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Belarus vacations — cheap vacation in Belarus

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Belarus vacation destinations (alphabetical list)

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list of cheap vacations Belarus
Brest vacations

Book cheap Brest vacations and holiday packages.

Minsk vacations

Book cheap Minsk vacations and holiday packages.

Orsha vacations

Book cheap Orsha vacations and holiday packages.

Pinsk vacations

Book cheap Pinsk vacations and holiday packages.

about Belarus


The Republic of Belarus (be: Белару́сь, ru: Белару́сь (old: Белору́ссия) is a landlocked nation of Eastern Europe with the capital Minsk.

Belarus geography

Belarus borders Poland and Lithuania on the west, Russia on the east, Ukraine on the south and Latvia on the north.

Although landlocked, it has 11,000 lakes. Three major rivers run through it: the Neman River, the Pripyat River, and the Dnepr River. Belarus is relatively flat and marsh-rich. The largest marsh territory is Polesie. Its highest point at Dzyarzhynskaya Hara (Dzyarzhynsk Hill), 346 m, and its lowest point on the Neman river, 90 m.

The natural resources of Belarus are forests, peat deposits, small quantities of oil and natural gas, granite, dolomitic limestone, marl, chalk, sand, gravel, and clay.

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