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Sweden hotels — cheap accommodation Sweden

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Sweden hotel and accommodation destinations (alphabetical list)

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Alingsas hotels

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Amal hotels

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Angelholm hotels

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Arboga hotels

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Arvika hotels

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Askersund hotels

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Avesta hotels

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Boden hotels

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Bollnas hotels

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Boras hotels

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Borgholm hotels

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Borlange hotels

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Eksjo hotels

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Enkoping hotels

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Eskilstuna hotels

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about Sweden


The Kingdom of Sweden(Konungariket Sverige in Swedish) is a Nordic country in Scandinavia, in Northern Europe. It is bordered by Norway on the west, Finland on the northeast, the Skagerrak and the Kattegat on the southwest, and the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia on the east. Due to its relatively low population density, the Swedish landscape is known for its peace, large forests, and mountainous wilderness.

Sweden geography

Sweden enjoys a mostly temperate climate despite its northern latitude, mainly due to the Gulf Stream. In the south of Sweden leaf-bearing trees are prolific, in the north pines and hardy birches dominate the landscape. In the mountains of northern Sweden a sub-arctic climate predominates. In the part of the country north of the Arctic Circle the sun never sets during the summer, and in the winter night is unending.

East of Sweden is the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, providing a long coastline, and yet further mellowing the climate. To the west are the Scandinavian mountain chain, a range that separates Sweden from Norway.

The southern part of the country is chiefly agricultural, with forests covering an increasing percentage of the land the further north one goes. Population density is also higher in southern Sweden, with centers being in the valley of lake Mälaren and the Öresund region.

Gotland and Öland are the two largest Islands of Sweden.

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