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Croatia hotels — cheap accommodation Croatia

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Croatia hotel and accommodation destinations (alphabetical list)

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Belisce hotels

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Bjelovar hotels

Book cheap Bjelovar hotels and accommodation.

Buje hotels

Book cheap Buje hotels and accommodation.

Cakovec hotels

Book cheap Cakovec hotels and accommodation.

Cres hotels

Book cheap Cres hotels and accommodation.

Dakovo hotels

Book cheap Dakovo hotels and accommodation.

Daruvar hotels

Book cheap Daruvar hotels and accommodation.

Dubrovnik hotels

Book cheap Dubrovnik hotels and accommodation.

Gospic hotels

Book cheap Gospic hotels and accommodation.

Hvar hotels

Book cheap Hvar hotels and accommodation.

Karlovac hotels

Book cheap Karlovac hotels and accommodation.

Knin hotels

Book cheap Knin hotels and accommodation.

Koprivnica hotels

Book cheap Koprivnica hotels and accommodation.

Korcula hotels

Book cheap Korcula hotels and accommodation.

Krapina hotels

Book cheap Krapina hotels and accommodation.

about Croatia


The Republic of Croatia is a country in Europe bordering the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Balkans. Its capital is Zagreb. In recent history, it was a republic of Yugoslavia.

Croatia geography

Croatia is situated between central, southern and eastern Europe, because it has a rather peculiar shape that resembles a crescent or a horseshoe. This accounts for its many neighbours: Slovenia, Hungary, Serbian part of Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegrin part of Serbia and Montenegro, and Italy across the Adriatic. Its mainland territory is split in two non-contiguous parts by the short coastline of Bosnia and Herzegovina around Neum.

Its terrain is diverse, containing:

  • plains, lakes and rolling hills in the continental north and northeast (Central Croatia and Slavonia, part of the Pannonian plain);
  • densely wooded mountains in Lika and Gorski Kotar, part of the Dinaric Alps;
  • rocky coastlines on the Adriatic Sea (Istria, Northern Seacoast and Dalmatia).

Croatia has a mixture of climates. In the north and east it is continental, Mediterranean along the coast and a semi-highland and highland climate in the south-central region.

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