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Vietnam car rentals — cheap car hire Vietnam

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Vietnam car rental destinations (alphabetical list)

car rental destinationcheap car rentals and car hire deals
list of cheap car rentals in Vietnam
Cao Bang car rentals

Book cheap Cao Bang car rentals and car hire.

Da Nang car rentals

Book cheap Da Nang car rentals and car hire.

Hanoi car rentals

Book cheap Hanoi car rentals and car hire.

Hue car rentals

Book cheap Hue car rentals and car hire.

Nha Trang car rentals

Book cheap Nha Trang car rentals and car hire.

about Vietnam


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. It borders China, Laos, Cambodia, and the Gulf of Tonkin.

Vietnam geography

The country is approximately 331,688 square kilometers. The topography consists of hills and densely forested mountains, with level land covering no more than 20 percent. Mountains account for 40 percent, hills 40 percent, and forests 75 percent. The northern part of the country consists of highlands and the Red River Delta; the south is divided into coastal lowlands, Dai Truong Son (central mountains) with high plateaus, and the Mekong River Delta.

The climate is tropical and monsoonal; humidity averages 84 percent throughout the year. Annual rainfall ranges from 120 to 300 centimeters, and annual temperatures vary between 5°C and 37°C.

Land boundaries: Total: 4,639 km border countries: Cambodia 1,228 km, China 1,281 km, Laos 2,130 km

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