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Moldova car rentals — cheap car hire Moldova

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Moldova car rental destinations (alphabetical list)

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Balti car rentals

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Chisinau car rentals

Book cheap Chisinau car rentals and car hire.

Tiraspol car rentals

Book cheap Tiraspol car rentals and car hire.

about Moldova


The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country in eastern Europe, located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the east. Its border with Romania follows the Prut and lower Danube rivers. Formerly a part of the Soviet Union as the Moldavian SSR, it occupies most of the territory formerly known as Bessarabia (in Romanian, Basarabia), together with areas on the eastern bank of the Dniestr river, called Transnistria, added in 1940.

Moldova geography

The western border of Moldova is formed by the Prut river, which joins the Danube before flowing into the Black Sea. In the north-east, the Dniester is the main river, flowing through the country from north to south.

The country is landlocked, even though it is very close to the Black Sea. While the northern part of the country is hilly, elevations never exceed 430 m (the highest point being the Dealul Bălăneşti).

Moldova has a temperate continental climate, with warm summers, but mild winters.

The country's main cities are the capital Chişinău, in the centre of the country, Tiraspol (in Transnistria), Bălţi and Bender.

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